Nothing affects the quality of coffee like the quality that is used to process it.  

For Nakuru, Kenya, this was their greatest struggle. The borehole at their coffee processing center was broken, and the community couldn’t afford to fix it, and they couldn’t get any help from their government. That’s when we came in.

We knew that this coffee cooperative of 435 families would never get a good and fair price for their coffee if they were washing it with filthy water. We also knew that the borehole that fed the coffee center was the only water source for the community, including the primary school and the health clinic. With special friends in this community, we decided to change this coffee community by giving the gift of clean water.

Because of this renewed access to clean water, the price of their coffee will increase almost 10-fold. Now, the 2,000 families in Nakuru are drinking clean water. The children at the primary school are drinking clean water. The health clinic is using clean water.

We as a team will always have a deep sense of gratitude for the people of Nakuru and the invitation to be a part of their story.

“We hope that one day, we can be like you and help others like you’ve helped us.” - James, Leader of Nakuru Co-op


Nakuru is a city located in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya.



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