identify cooperative GREY

We work with cooperatives who care about their
people and desire growth.

build relationships GREY

We conduct extensive baseline assessments
and spend relational time with our people
to know them both qualitatively and quantitatively.

invest in farms GREY

We provide relevant materials like fertilizers,
seedlings, and mulch to increase crop production.

provide trainings GREY

We provide over 250 hours of training per person
per year in farming, leadership, personal health,
and business development, and pair this with in
depth personal mentorship.

invest in businesses GREY

We then provide loans and investment to fund further
business ventures to grow or complement farming

measure impact GREY

Through it all, we monitor and evaluate our
impact consistently. We understand each of
our beneficiaries through a multi-faceted survey to
know how they and their families are progressing
financially, physically, socially, and psychologically.
This way, we can best amend our trainings to
support each person towards empowerment.