Kula’s Birthday Campaign!

We are turning three years old! 

In the non-profit world, there is a 90% chance start-ups will not make it the their third year. It is our honor and privilege to tell you that not only are we making it to year three, but we are growing more than ever. 

Big News. 

As most of you know, our original 2015 goal was to invest in 50 families. With the infrastructure we’ve built and the incredible work of our Rwandan staff, we are now setting our aims at 115 family investments during 2015.

In honor of our third birthday and to help achieve our goals, we thought we would celebrate with an online birthday campaign. Our goal over the next 10 days is to get 300 people to give us a birthday present of $30. 

We would love for you to participate in our campaign and share it with your friends and family! Our team is beyond excited to keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you for being a part of our story!

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