#KulaTurns3 – Birthday Festivities Recap!


Last week, we celebrated a day that rarely is seen for an NGO – it’s 3rd birthday! Kula Project and many of our wonderful Atlanta friends shared an evening filled with laughter, joy…and just a few glasses of wine. That being said, our celebration was not in light of the fact that Kula has shut down all statistics out there that speak against the longevity of an NGO (although, it doesn’t hurt), but to celebrate our continuing success in being able to support our friends and farmers in Rwanda. Kula Project, like any non-profit, is not given life by funds alone, but by the authentic, passionate and loving support of people who wish to help those that need it – even if those people never get to meet in the flesh. 

So, without further ado, a few thank you’s in regards to our Atlanta celebration are in order. First, thank you to Studio No. 7 for hosting us ragtag (but only the classiest) folk in your beautiful establishment. Also, a big thank you to the lovely people at You’ve Been Noted and BaronPress for some of our awesome Kula swag!  Lastly, thank you to everyone who showed up for the celebration. We could not be more thankful to those who continue to support the Kula Project.

Pst…also, if you missed the birthday party, you can still show some love by heading over to our birthday campaign page to donate! 

All photos captured and edited by Bella Toscano
All photos captured and edited by Bella Toscano

“Nkunda Atlanta” tees were live pressed at the event

Beautiful handmade jewelry from Rwanda – soon to be available in the market place!

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