The Liddy Women’s Center is a women’s vocational training center in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. While meeting with the women of this coffee cooperative, they presented us with a business plan for a vocational center on the property of Akagera Coffee Washing Station. This center would allow both women in the community who don’t own coffee farms and women outside of coffee season to receive training and education that would empower them to create their own sewing and weaving businesses.

Being able to create their own non-coffee businesses means these women will be able to engage in income-generating activities outside of the 3-4 months of the coffee season, providing for themselves and their families for the whole year.

So, we listened, and the Liddy Women’s Center was established in early 2017.

The Liddy Women’s Center employs and educates 100 women from the community at a time in addition to the 3 full-time Rwandan staff that manage the center and provide training for the women. The women employed by the center participate in business training followed by specific skill training in both sewing and weaving, allowing them to create beautiful handmade products to sell in Rwanda on the local market.

Additionally, since its opening, the women of the Liddy Women’s Center planted and now manage a community garden through which they engage in agribusiness training and grow crops that they sell at the market in order to buy more materials for their sewing and weaving businesses.


The Liddy Women’s Center is located in Kayonza in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. It lies on the same piece of land as Akagera Coffee Washing Station on the road to Akagera National Park.