The Kula Project and Daraja Game Changers.


The Kula Project is our new name. Unlike Water Labor, very few people have an existing association with it, and I have an emotional attachment to it. Here is why…

Kula is the Swahili word for “to eat”. I chose “to eat” because we are teaching a method of farming that gives people all over the world an opportunity to eat through the introduction of a farming method that can overcome many of the problems that prohibit successful harvests with traditional farming. It’s the whole give a man a fish, teach a man to fish story.

Why did I choose Swahili? Kenyans speak that language, and I owe the launch and success of this organization to several young Kenyan children I saw in October of 2008. I attended the Catalyst Conference with my mom and stepdad, and that’s when I heard the Daraja Choir sing. When they started singing, I burst into tears and knew something big was happening. At that time in my life, I was a Pre-law major, and I wasn’t interested in going to church or Kenya. In fact, the only reason I went to Catalyst was because I had just moved back in with my parents, and my mom begged me to go, so I felt obligated. I actually tried to pick up a shift at work that day, so I would have an excuse to miss it. After the first day, however, I cleared all of my shifts for the weekend, so I wouldn’t miss the rest of the conference.  When the conference ended, I signed up to get baptized at North Point Community Church and to go to Kenya with the 410 Bridge the following April. Six months later, I headed to Africa. That trip and the people I accompanied and the ones I served changed my life’s direction. I went back to the States, changed my major to International Development, and I headed back to Kenya 12 months later with the same team.


The Daraja Choir is my story. They were my game changer. The true power of love is portrayed all over that East African country, and I am forever changed by it. With the Kula Project, we want to be people’s game changer. We want to be someone’s story.

For these reasons, I decided to change Water Labor to the Kula Project.

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