Our Coffee Washing Station Is OPEN!! — A Note From Our Founder

We Opened Our Coffee Washing Station!

On February 17th, we opened the Akagera Coffee Washing Station. When it was my turn to speak at our celebration, I told the story of how Egide, our Country Director, asked me a year and a half ago for Kula to build a washing station, and I repeatedly told him it wasn’t possible. But, in true Rwandan fashion, he continued to tell me it was, and we are so grateful that he was right.

Over 400 people contributed to this project, and constantly being grateful for that reminds me that people are good, that they care about people they will probably never meet simply because they believe everyone should have a chance.

Thank you for being a part of this story, and prepare yourself for all the greatness that will result from it.

Love, Sarah
Founder and Executive Director

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