On the night of May 7th, 2016, heavy rains caused landslides around the country of Rwanda. Gakenke, one of our districts, was hit the hardest. When the recovery began, we learned that not only did the landslide tear down the homes of our families, it also destroyed their coffee farms, and subsequently their source of income.

To combat this, the ladies of the coffee cooperative we partner with formed a sewing association and presented us a business plan. The Coko Women’s Center was formed after receiving five new sewing machines, providing these women with a way to earn income during the long process of replanting and regrowing their coffee farms. Since then, the women of this center have begun vocational training and formed separate sewing and weaving businesses led by experts that will allow our ladies to master new crafts and provide additional income for their families. Not only were we able to partner with this community in the rebuilding of their homes, but we also had the incredible opportunity to invest in the rebuilding of their businesses.

And that is a story we are honored to be a part of.


The Coko Women’s Center is located in Gakenke, a district in the Northern Province of Rwanda.



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