Now Hiring: Summer Internship Available!

**Deadline to apply is April 3rd.** Interns play a key role in helping us further what we do as an organization and in expanding our ability to fulfill our mission: to invest in the coffee farms of families in Rwanda to create generational change. Our goals for interns are threefold: that they grow as individuals, professionally and personally; that they help us achieve more than we otherwise could; and that they become deeper advocates of […]

Meet Our Friend Elie.

Elie was the first of our farmers to share his genocide story. After serving two years of his prison sentence for committing acts of genocide, the Tutsis in his community fought for him to be released, as they knew he wasn’t really the man that he was for those 100 days in April of 1994. He is grateful every moment of every day for the healing that collaborative work on the farm has brought to the […]

Lessons Over Lunch: When Our Farmers Bought Us Fanta

Last May, I was with my team getting to know our farmers and preparing for the upcoming coffee planting season. We spent many days simply sitting with people and getting to hear their dreams and the dreams of their children. One afternoon, Maria and Martin said they were getting ready to cook lunch, so our team took a break, hiked down to our truck and made our daily lunch of thick Rwandan yeast rolls and Trader […]

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