No One Thought Rwanda Would Survive.

Today, April 7, 2014, is the 20th anniversary of the day the Rwandan genocide officially began. Those next days 100 days in 1994 would be days far beyond our own perception of hell. From April 7, 1994 to July 4, 1994, one million people, men, women, and children were brutally tortured, raped, and murdered by the people they formally referred to as friends and neighbors, and even family. With very little automatic weapons, the far […]

Notes from Rwanda: Part One

As I write this post, I am sitting at a small restaurant in Gisenyi, a town on the Northwest border of Rwanda. When the clouds scatter, I can see the Democratic Republic of Congo, but the locals warned us not to venture near its border, as the country continues to be plagued with civil war. Rwanda, though, feels very safe. This April marks twenty years since the genocide that claimed the lives of over a […]

Plywood Presents Awesomeness

On August 14, we competed in Plywood People‘s problem solving competition! This is how they describe the competition: Each year we hold the Idea competition leading up to, and during, Plywood Presents. Five finalists are selected from the pool of applicants and then allowed to present their idea, with a five minute limit, to a panel of judges and the audience of 500+ attendees at Plywood Presents. It is an incredible way to share ideas, […]

The Kula Project and Daraja Game Changers.

The Kula Project is our new name. Unlike Water Labor, very few people have an existing association with it, and I have an emotional attachment to it. Here is why… Kula is the Swahili word for “to eat”. I chose “to eat” because we are teaching a method of farming that gives people all over the world an opportunity to eat through the introduction of a farming method that can overcome many of the problems […]

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