Build The Difference


for a coffee community, a coffee washing station is the difference between poverty and profit. It is the difference between a life of survival and a life of OPPORTUNITY, A life of HOPE, A life of LEGACY. But this wasn’t our idea. It was the idea of our farmers. As we visited the homes of our families, farmer after farmer, without exception, told us that their community’s greatest need was a coffee washing station. And we quickly realized […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: We Are Gigameet’s Charity of the Month!

Throughout the month of March, we are partnering with Gigameet as their featured non-profit organization and sharing a different and unique way for you to get involved and give back to Kula.  Gigameet is networking platform providing social and financial incentives for meetings while replacing multi-step emails and the tedium of appointment scheduling with a simple and easy experience. How Gigameet Works CREATE YOUR PROFILE AND SUPPORT KULA SIGN UP

Why Lydia of “See Beautiful” Invests in Our Farmers

We asked Lydia of See Beautiful why she invests in our families and our work, and we are deeply touched by the words she said.  “I invest in Kula because of the strategic, transparent, and love-filled ways they invest in and empower others using a sustainability model. Kula Project brought Rwanda to life through the stories of impact and images they share. I decided to go to Rwanda to meet the women and men who […]

Help Jon Sweet Tell the Story Behind Coffee

I first met Sarah, the founder of Kula Project, last summer in San Diego. She started to tell me about the work she doing in Rwanda with coffee farmers, and I was immediately intrigued. Kula helps families in East Africa grow and sell coffee as a tool to help them lift their own families out of poverty. Sarah told me that the reason she started Kula was because she met so many mothers and fathers […]

Happy Birthday Bobby Neptune!

Throughout life, many people will cross your path. Some will pass through for a short time, some will hang around for a while, some you will ask to leave, but every so often, you will encounter someone that seems different that everyone else. That someone who will challenge you, inspire you, and love you in a way most people not only do not, but cannot. That person for me is my friend Bobby Neptune.  Our […]

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