Akagera Coffee Washing Station was built in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. For a coffee community, a coffee washing station is the difference between poverty and prosperity. It is the difference between a life of survival and a life of opportunity, a life of hope, a life of legacy. Without access to one, a coffee farmers will sell their harvest to a middleman for much less than its worth, or lose profit because of coffee’s small window of time in which it can be processed.

As we visited the homes of our families, farmer after farmer, without exception, told us that their community's greatest need was a coffee washing station. And we quickly realized that it was our job to start listening. With access to this coffee washing station, our farmers income will exponentially increase. This income will allow them to provide food for their families, afford access to healthcare, and send their children to school.

Additionally, Akagera Coffee Washing Station employed over 300 people from the community to build it, and employs up to 200 people during the coffee harvest season. Between the engineers, managers, accountants, sorters, washers, packers, and cleaners, this washing station provides a variety of new employment opportunities that weren't previously available to this community.

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Akagera Coffee Washing Station is located in Kayonza in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. It lies on the road to the only game park in Rwanda: Akagera National Park.



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