Sarah Buchanan
Executive director| Co-Founder

Sarah Buchanan is the Founder and Director of Kula Project. She has a degree in International Development and has been working in subsistence farming regions throughout Africa for seven years. With the belief that local communities know what they need more than anyone else, she has worked exclusively with coffee farming families since 2013, empowering them to create and own their community’s sustainable development programs. Sarah splits her time between Atlanta, Georgia and Kigali, Rwanda.


director of communications

Lindsay Pigford is Kula Project's Director of Communications. She recently graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in International Affairs with the hopes of working with an organization who shares that same commitment to empowering communities through sustainable development as she does. When Lindsay learned of the Kula Project and its mission, she immediately felt a deep connection with its passion for the people of Rwanda and its hope for generational change. She is incredibly excited to offer her heart and skill set to help the Kula Project continue to grow and create that change. 


Egide Murindababisha
Country Director: Rwanda

Egide grew up in Rwanda with parents that were coffee farmers, and as he got older, he saw coffee as an excellent opportunity to guarantee the funds for his education. He started his own coffee cooperative in 2013, and in less than a year, it tripled in membership. Egide joined our team in early 2015, and runs all of our programs in the field. Leadership seems to come natural to him, and he does an incredible job at leading our team on the ground and the families we partner with in Rwanda. In addition to running our existing programs, he is always developing new concepts and ideas to help the communities we serve lift themselves out of poverty. 


Board of Directors

Ryan Pernice

Sarah Buchanan

Sam Finley

Tami McQueen


Carly Howard

Van Baird