Meet Josefa, Kula’s 1st Intern!

As Kula continues to grow, it’s imperative that we build a quality team. One of the first additions to our team is Josefa Ovalle. The Chilean native is helping us build our social presence, as well as building a social media strategy. With a B.B.A. in marketing from the University of Georgia, she brings a new energy to our team, and we are thrilled to have her. Below, Josefa tells us why she wanted to come on board. Read her story and welcome her kindly.
I was born in Santiago, Chile and moved to the United States when I was about ten years old. Thanks to the undying support of my family, I’ve been fortunate enough to see a large portion of the world at a young age and experience the different sides it has to offer: the happy and the sad, the beautiful and the ugly, and the good and the bad. Now, I feel as though it’s my turn to give back and make this world a little more beautiful.

I learned about Kula about two years ago and it immediately sparked my interest. However, I was living in Athens at the time so I witnessed Kula grow from a distance and was thoroughly impressed by the huge impact such a small group of people made so quickly and avidly. After spending all summer backpacking through Europe post-graduation, I was feeling inspired and looking to dive into a cause I believed in to try to actually make a difference in the world. I’m a supporter of Kula Project because I’m a supporter of local farming; not just in my community but in every community. I knew I was 100% certain I wanted to work for Kula the first time I actually met with Sarah – the Executive Director – and saw the emotion in her eyes as she spoke about her work and experiences in Rwanda. It is incredibly inspiring working alongside a person who has so much passion in her work and such an undying commitment to making this cause succeed. I look forward to working with her and the rest of the Kula team in continuing its growth and impact.

This May, I will have the incredible opportunity of assisting with the induction of the 2015 class of 50 single mothers and widows in Rwanda. However, I need your help getting there. Support me in joining the Kula team in Rwanda and helping create sustainable opportunities for generations to come. Your donation means the world!

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