Meet vestine. 

She has an unquenchable joy that is even more beautiful and contagious than her smile. 

Vestine and her husband, Augustine, are coffee farmers with the Coko (CHO-ko) Cooperative in the Northern Province of Rwanda. She lives with her husband and two children in a house overlooking the Rwandan hills that they were able to build because of the income from their coffee farm. Her son Emmanuel is currently in secondary school and plans to continue his education by studying mechanics. Her daughter Valentine wants to be a doctor. When asked what type of doctor she plans to become, Valentine answered, "a woman's doctor", or gynecologist. After spending more time with this family, we learned that Valentine's dream is wholly inspired by the several devastating miscarriages her mother has suffered.  

How beautiful it is to partner with families that work to support their children's dreams to solve problems that have greatly affected them so that others won't have to go through the same ones.