Letter from our founder:

I used to say that Kula Project’s job was to “stand in the gap” for those that do not have the opportunity to work in order to support their families. Last year, I learned that our job is not to stand in the gap, but to close the gap.

In 2015, our families in Rwanda taught us that there is hope in opportunity and dignity in work. Together, we work to help them create both.

The Kula Project team worked throughout 2015 to build a foundation that will support the ideas and innovations of our families in Rwanda. We learned to navigate the sometimes tumultuous waters of growth and change, and emerged alongside our families stronger than ever ready to make 2016 even better.  

It’s my hope that our supporters will always know the role they play in the stories of hundreds of mothers and fathers who are doing everything they can to build a future for their children. For that, we say thank you.

We are ready for 2016, and we are grateful for each of you that will come alongside us in this journey. I believe James, one of the farmers in our program, said it best when he said, “Now, we can see a new light, and I can promise you that we will continue to follow it.” 

With love,