Support Odette

When we first met Odette in October of 2013, she spoke in a whisper and would not look us in the eyes when she spoke. These days, if you call her name from distance, she will give you an air high-five. She is outgoing, extremely funny, and LOVES to be in front of the camera. We told her one afternoon that we would be at her house the following morning to take a family photo, and when our team arrived, she pointed out that she put her boys in matching outfits for the portrait. Moments like that remind you how similar we are as human beings. We asked Odette why she wanted to join our program and how she planned to use the additional income, and her face beamed as she said, "When my boys are ready for secondary school, I will be able to send them."

Join us in our partnership with Odette. She won't let you down.





Kula-RW-_K3_7938All photos by Bobby Neptune.