Support JMV and Domitilla

You can’t miss JMV’s smile from a mile away, and his excitement for life is contagious. JMV is a planner, and once he is presented with an opportunity, he is ready to run with it. His wife Domitilla is shy but sincere, but if you mention any her three children, her smile seems as neverending as her proud-parent stories.

By joining Kula’s program, JMV’s family will almost double their current household income. With the initial funds from the farm, he wants to save for a motorbike to start a taxi business. Combine the taxi income with the annual farm income, all three of JMV and Domitilla’s children will “attend university and learn how to make a true difference in the world.”

Join us in partnership with JMV and Domitilla. Help their children make a difference in the world.





All photos by Bobby Neptune.