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Elie was the first of our farmers to share his genocide story. After serving two years of his prison sentence for committing acts of genocide, the Tutsis in his community fought for him to be released, as they knew he wasn’t really the man that he was for those 100 days in April of 1994.

He is grateful every moment of every day for the forgiveness his community has shown him. He says their collaborative work on the farm has made them one. “When you work the soil together, you realize that you see yourself in your partner, and they see themselves in you.”

With the additional income Elie will earn from Kula’s program, he wants to build a small room that he can rent out to travelers passing through Ruli Mountain. With the combined funds from the rental room and the farm, he hopes all four of his daughters will attend university.


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Kula-RW-_K3_8861All photos by Bobby Neptune