Farmer Projects

Farmer Projects


Our Indiegogo Campaign is Live!

We are THRILLED to announce that we launched our very first Indiegogo Campaign! Our team has worked tirelessly to double the income of 20 family farmers, and now we are ready to more than double our impact in Rwanda next year. Check out our campaign! Watch the incredible video that Zac Holben produced in Rwanda over the past month, share it and get involved. Thank you or as we say in Rwanda, Murakoze Cyane!



Support JMV and Domitilla

You can’t miss JMV’s smile from a mile away, and his excitement for life is contagious. JMV is a planner, and once he is presented with an opportunity, he is ready to run with it. His wife Domitilla is shy but sincere, but if you mention any her three children, her smile seems as neverending as her proud-parent stories.

By joining Kula’s program, JMV’s family will almost double their current household income. With the initial funds from the farm, he wants to save for a motorbike to start a taxi business. Combine the taxi income with the annual farm income, all three of JMV and Domitilla’s children will “attend university and learn how to make a true difference in the world.”

Join us in partnership with JMV and Domitilla. Help their children make a difference in the world.





All photos by Bobby Neptune.  



Support Nepo and Velediana

Nepo and Velediana are going on 25 years of marriage and have proudly carried the title of “Farmer” all their lives. When you ask Nepo about his farm, he will gently smile and say, “My farm is the land of opportunity, not just for me, but for my children.”

Not matter what point in the day you meet his family, Nepo is always wearing a smile and Velediana is quick to meet you with a strong hug and soft kiss on your cheek.

By joining Kula’s program, Nepo and his wife Velediana hope to be able to send their youngest not only to secondary school, but one day, university.

Join us in partnership with this amazing family. They won’t let you down.









Support Elie

Elie was the first of our farmers to share his genocide story. After serving two years of his prison sentence for committing acts of genocide, the Tutsis in his community fought for him to be released, as they knew he wasn’t really the man that he was for those 100 days in April of 1994.

He is grateful every moment of every day for the forgiveness his community has shown him. He says their collaborative work on the farm has made them one. “When you work the soil together, you realize that you see yourself in your partner, and they see themselves in you.”

With the additional income Elie will earn from Kula’s program, he wants to build a small room that he can rent out to travelers passing through Ruli Mountain. With the combined funds from the rental room and the farm, he hopes all four of his daughters will attend university.


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Kula-RW-_K3_8861All photos by Bobby Neptune




Support Maria

Maria is very close to our hearts. At thirteen years old, she became the only person in her family of eight to survive the Rwandan genocide. She has overcome more than most of us can imagine to be true, but Maria faces the world with such grace and beauty. Her husband Martin works two jobs in addition to helping Maria on the farm, so they can provide for their two precious boys, Emmanuel and Samuel.

After the genocide, Maria was too traumatized to return to school, so she has only an eighth grade education. With the additional income she will be able to earn by joining Kula’s program, she hopes to hire a tutor to help her earn her high school diploma, so she can “Help her boys with their school work when they get older.”

Be a part of Maria’s story. It will be one of the greatest privileges of your life.


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All photos by Bobby Neptune. 



Support Odette

When we first met Odette in October of 2013, she spoke in a whisper and would not look us in the eyes when she spoke. These days, if you call her name from distance, she will give you an air high-five. She is outgoing, extremely funny, and LOVES to be in front of the camera. We told her one afternoon that we would be at her house the following morning to take a family photo, and when our team arrived, she pointed out that she put her boys in matching outfits for the portrait. Moments like that remind you how similar we are as human beings. We asked Odette why she wanted to join our program and how she planned to use the additional income, and her face beamed as she said, "When my boys are ready for secondary school, I will be able to send them."

Join us in our partnership with Odette. She won't let you down.





Kula-RW-_K3_7938All photos by Bobby Neptune.



Support Livine

Livine lives in Nyakarambi with his wife, Costasie, and his five children. He works as a farmer of pineapple, maize, sweet potatoes, beans, and cassava. He aspires to send his five children to a good school and this goal gives him motivation.

When asked what he loves about his country, Livine replies, “We sleep and have 100% security.”

You can help Livine and his family reach their goals and lead a better life. We have already begun the process of equipping the Muraras with sustainable farming methods, but it will take significant funds to equip them with the materials to get started. In partnership with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co., Livine will be able to add enough coffee and banana trees to his farm to double his income.

Support Gertrude

Gertrude has an incredibly welcoming soul. Her overwhelming maternal instinct is always offering you a bite of pineapple from her farm or making sure you feel okay in the heat. She loves to tell you stories about her four girls and is excited to show a few family photos from many years ago.

She is a survivor. She survived genocide and near-fatal car accident, but she is unashamed of the scars that mark her body, as she is grateful for every day that she is able to “wake up and love her children.”

Gertrude will use the additional income that she will earn from Kula’s program to send all four of her girls to secondary school and eventually university.

Join us in partnership with Gertrude. We can guarantee that she won’t let you down.

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